How to Clean an Intex Saltwater System

If you have a saltwater above ground pool with the Intex saltwater system, you must know how to clean it. Of course, you like to enjoy your sweet oasis perfectly made for you and your family but even if it sounds impossible, with a few tricks, you will be able to do it. Before every summer pool is cleaned, you will need to follow a few instructions and ensure you have proper tools to help with the task. You must count the preparation process as well so that you have a beautiful summer spot for your loved ones.

This system has the potential to remove all the bacteria in order to provide small amounts of chlorine, which makes pool water crystal clear. You should also understand that salt in the saltwater system does not make the pool salty like sea water; but it makes it clean and clear without any chemical products or any other harmful products. Therefore, with it, you will be able to make the water soft and clear even when you are filling the pool with new water. Water goes through the filter and then it combines with salt and chlorine in order to kill anything contagious. However, the saltwater system is eliminating the chemical taste and smell of water, but you will still sense a chlorine.


The difference in pump models:

There are several pump models but they all give the same result. They are the following:

  • The KrystalClear saltwater system is a system that doesn’t contain cartridge pump;
  • Intexcartridge pumps which works where the cartridge is filtering water without using the whole system;

Both the systems have sand pump and filters that clean water without engaging the saltwater system. This is important because for each pump there is a different way of cleaning your precious pool.

The problem though is that pool water could look clean but that doesn’t mean that it is. You should always check your water with a plunge because some of the algae cannot be filtered, so in order to maintain your pool, you have to use different types of tools. You have different ways of keeping your water clean and there are different tests like Intex copper test strips and pool water test kits that will give you all the information about your pool water cleanliness.

If your pump pressure keeps the yellow color and if you find that the flow isn’t strong enough, then your pump needs some cleaning. You could clean your cartridge pump or sand pump with backwashing, or you could take Intex hydro-stream cartridge cleaner; you just have to spray and after replacing the cartridge it is not necessary to clean anything else. Lastly, you have to check saltwater system.

pool cleaning

These are few things you should take care if you have a saltwater system:

  • This type of pools have higher PH levels than chlorine-only pools
  • Chlorine levels should be between 1ppm and 3ppm
  • You have to check all metal surfaces because they could corrode when they get in contact with salt water
  • In order to clean your pool, always give some thought to water balance.

If you want to have a clean pool for your summer activities, you should proceed with diligence and ensure that nothing is left to chance because sometimes you won’t even notice that the water has all these fungi and bacteria. First, you have to understand how the system functions then what the components are and how to maintain each one of them.

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