The Tools That Can be Powered by Air Compressors

An air compressor is a device that comes with a piston and cylinder; it is able to power various tools through the pressurized air for a number of applications. In auto maintenance, construction, woodworking and furniture assembly, the majority of applications depend on compressed air for precision and speed in everything from bolting, drilling and nailing to greasing, sanding and painting. No matter whether you work with a pneumatic nailer or are associated with woodworking chores, you need to purchase a compressor to get the job done. Following are the tools that can be powered by air compressors.

Orbital sander

Sanding is an exhausting task in woodworking. After each swipe, sand block grains leave streaks from one direction to another. An orbital sander powered by an air compressor resolves this issue by moving in circular motions (at random) to prevent marks from forming in one or two directions on any given surface.


Ratchet or Socket wrench

In metal work, construction and auto maintenance, wrenches require a lot of wrist and arm movements for removing and bolting nuts. The socket wrench that makes use of compressed air facilitates quick bolting and re-bolting of nuts and other metals in a speedy and effective manner.

Air hammer

A quality air compressor is also useful to power an air hammer, which assists in carving stones and cutting metals. You can also use a pneumatic air hammer with a shock absorber chisel to increase the efficiency and speed of your work.

Brad nailer


Regular hammer nails and nail variety have their presence in many projects. However, there are applications where the flat, fat nail heads will be unbecoming. For example, you may need thin fasteners for a basic decorative trim in a household chore. A brad nailer is an ideal tool for such chores. Brads go into the trimming without leaving a trace. When you power a brad nailer pneumatically, each brad applies in a fraction of a second.

Pneumatic finish nailer

For folks with less than perfect hand-eye coordination, nailing things could be troublesome. It is here a pneumatic finishing nailer powered by a compressor comes into the picture to help out. A pneumatic nailer is capable of sending nails in straight and all the way through in a split of a second.

Tire inflator with gauge

Any vehicle requires evenly inflated tires while out on the open road. However, what may look even could be a few pressure points off and this can make a big difference in the axle alignment. With a pneumatic tire inflator, it is easy to pump tires with uniform pressure to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle.

Paint sprayer

Among precision based applications, very few applications are as important as paint jobs for outer appearances. In the case of vehicles, the slightest imperfection in a paint coat can lead to poor reviews and complaints about the service shop in question. Compressed air is a necessity to get perfect coatings, free of streaks and inconsistencies. With an optimal paint spraying tool powered by an air compressor, you can get perfect coats within no time.


From machinery to engine parts, debris and dust could cluster up in places that are important to key functionalities. As such, the flow of air gets blocked and components tend to overheat or slow down. To remove dirt and debris, you can use a pneumatic blower to clear debris and dust and restore vital machinery.

Bottom line

Having an air compressor in your collection of day to day tools is imperative for many purposes. Aside from speeding your work, a quality air compressor enhances the overall performance of your projects, thereby insuring your future prospects. With applications in various industries for powering a number of tools, an air compressor is a must have device in many fields. As such, it is important to purchase a compressor in view of your potential requirements for powering your work tools.

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